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KC admits love for Paulo

pau kc

Paulo Avelino and KC Concepcion (Instagram)

Actress KC Concepcion neither confirmed nor denied speculations about the supposed derailment of her burgeoning relationship with actor Paulo Avelino.

If anything, her response to a query by blogger Darla Sauler proved more confusing. In a text message quoted in an ABS-CBN News report Wednesday, she simply said: “No comment except… Basta, mahal ko siya. ‘Yun lang.”

The “Honesto” actor admitted wooing Concepcion in November last year. Some four months later, Concepcion admitted on national TV that she has a crush on Avelino.

They were together in NY over the Holy Week. Following their get-together, Concepcion had uploaded a series of cryptic Instagram posts — from captioned photos, relationship quotes and a line from a Barry Manilow’s song.

Netizens immediately jumped to the conclusion that blossoming affair had been nipped in the bud, especially after the two supposedly unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter.


KC Concepcion and Bryan Cranston (Screengrab from Instagram)


KC goes ‘Bad’

Meanwhile, life goes on it seems for Concepcion who, just recently posted a 15-second video of her meeting with “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston on Instagram.

In the video, Concepcion is seen asking Cranston to say “Mahal kita, Pilipinas.”

“Fan girl moment!!! From Walter White to Mr. President LBJ, ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘All the Way.’ Mahal daw kayo ni #BryanCranston, Pilipinas,” the caption read.

Concepcion is in the US taking up classes on acting and professional development.

Paulo graces KC’s ‘intimate’ b-day celebration


Paulo Avelino holds birthday cake for KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion celebrated her birthday on Sunday with suitor Paulo Avelino.

The 28-year old actress made this public via Instagram, where she posted a photo of the actor holding several cupcakes with lit candles in front of her, captioned, “ILY… More impromptu moments to come!”

Also present at what she described as an “intimate” occasion were Kapamilya stars Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino and soon-to-be-wed Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones.

KC thanked God for “hand-picking each & every one of my friends & placing them in my life at their own time; For surrounding me with those that inspire, encourage, build up & truly love, near or far… ”

Meanwhile, KC’s father, actor Gabby Concepcion, disclosed that Paulo is not the only one pursuing the actress.

“Maraming naliligaw (kay KC). Sabi ko, hindi ko na alam kung sino ‘yung ano, kumbaga sa contest, sino ang mananalo sa puso niya,” the veteran actor told dzMM.

KC confessed her admiration for Paulo during an appearance on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” last month.

“Paulo is a good man with a good heart. He’s so sweet, he’s so thoughtful, he’s really a good dad. ‘Pag nakita mo siya taking care of his kid, nakakakilig din,” she said. “Matagal ko nang crush ‘yon si Pau. Masarap magka-crush.”

KC’s ‘crush’ Paulo steps up his game

KC considers Paulo as 'best friend' (File)

KC considers Paulo as ‘best friend’ (File)

KC Concepcion has finally come out to say Paulo Avelino is, indeed, courting her, detailing in an interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight,” Tuesday, that it started before she left for the US last January

However, as far back is November 2013, the two had already made public that they are dating.

On the show, Concepcion admitted that she likes Avelino, who is “a good man with a good heart,”

“He’s so sweet, he’s so thoughtful, he’s really a good dad, ” she added. “‘Pag nakita mo siya taking care of his kid, nakakakilig din.”

She also said, “Matagal ko nang crush ‘yon si Pau.”

Concepcion disclosed that Avelino already met her mom Sharon Cuneta when she was hospitalized for pneumonia late December.

All that said, the 28-year-old actress is not in a hurry to enter into a romantic relationship yet, reasoning, “Kasi ayoko na ng heartbreak talaga.”

For now, she considers Avelino among her best buddies.

She explained, “I wanna know that perfect fit, parang glove. Ando’n na rin ako sa point siyempre na you just wanna make sure that you end up with someone who fits like a glove. So, I’m still giving it time. I’m not really pressuring myself or pressuring anyone na ‘Kailangan in love ako this year!’”

She added, “Lahat talaga nag-uumpisa sa friendship. Paulo and I are very, very, very good friends. Isa talaga siya sa mga best friends na meron ako. But I’m not leaving it as best friends.”

According to Concepcion, Avelino fully understands what she’s trying to pursue in New York. She explained that her decision to take advance course in acting was prompted by the tight competition in the industry.

The actress returned to the country a few days ago to fulfill contractual obligations.

KC: Ayaw ko na ng heartbreak

MANILA – While admitting that she has a long-time crush on suitor Paulo Avelino, KC Concepcion said she is taking her time before entering into a new relationship.

Paulo Avelino’s Twitter Account Hacked; Joins Instagram

Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino’s successive tweets over the weekend about pleading with ex-girlfriend LJ Reyes to let him see their three-year-old son Ethan Akio or Aki are not his.

According to the actor’s manager, Leo Dominguez, the account was hacked and that the posts had been deleted.

Shortly after the removal, the actor posted, “Social media is full of hypocrites.” Dominguez would comment in part, “Grabe whoever hacked it:(”

Paulo and LJ confirmed the end of their four-year-relationship last year. Nevertheless, the 25-year-old father clarified that it doesn’t keep him from seeing his son.


Hello, Instagram!

Paulo opened an account on Instagram recently and his first post was a photo of his son doing wacky face. He amassed nearly 2,000 followers days after with actress KC Concepcion being among first to “follow” him.

KC’s comment congratulates the actor for the successful ending of his top-rated TV series “Honesto.”

“Congratulations sa Honesto. Job well done,” the post read

Recall that in November 2013, Paulo revealed that he’s dating KC in a non-exclusive basis. Recently, she confessed having a crush on him.